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Traditional craftsmanship and constant innovation

Solettificio Savoia was founded in 1944 by Giulio Passarini. The company has remained in the family ever since and has extended its range of skills and experience, generation after generation. In 1983, it decided to focus on the production of insoles for men's, women's and children's footwear...


Our product lines

Men's, women's and children's insoles

"We manifacture any type of insole for men, women and children in different thicknesses, depending on the need of the customer. We use top quality materials, guaranteed by their parent and certified technical data sheets."

Toe puffs and heel linings

"We also support the insoles core business with the production of other footwear parts and accessories, such as leather toe puffs and heel linings, available in different models and sizes or tailored upon the customer."

Insoles with reinforcement

"Complete our production the manifacturing of insoles with reinforcement for all types of footwear: glued o riveted insoles with reinforcement for high wheels footwear, or insoles with perforated reinforcement for plateau footwear."


Our production supporting services


The In-House modeling team of Solettificio Savoia is managed directly by our designer and company partner Thomas Passarini.We manifacture any type of insole.


The leather range of Solettificio Savoia is managed directly by one of the partners of the company, Giovanni Passarini, who has years of experience in selecting the best leathers.


The administration of Solettificio Savoia is managed by Myriam Passarini, a partner of the company. She takes care of accounts, invoices and relationships with customers, suppliers and banks.

Solettificio Savoia
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